Who We Are

TeledataOne History


Teledata has been designing and manufacturing safety electronic devices for 40 years. In the early years, the company started its business manufacturing ad hoc electronic solutions for aerospace applications for national and foreign leader companies. This allowed the know-how of the company to achieve the highest levels in cutting-edge electronics sector. During this period the company widened its horizons developing specific solutions for the safety field, which in the early eighties occupied a market in which no standard solution existed.
Over the years, Teledata continued investing in the safety field combining system design with large-scale manufacturing of high technological content. The company continued with the design and manufacturing of electronic devices, while constantly generating and increasing the value chain benefiting the final customers.

Teledata today manufacture and offers a complete range of fire detection and safety system.

TeledataOne Organizational Model today


For Teledata the real work of change in today’s world happens not through isolated acts of visionary but within teams of people who each have a critical contribution to make.

Our model “team of teams.” Instead of maintaining a traditional structure in which people work in hierarchies based on a function or a formal business unit, an organization operates as a constellation of teams that come together around specific goals.

At the center of this constellation is a coordinating executive team, but the composition of each project team shifts as needed over time. Teams and team members work together in fluid, constantly changing ways. The model emphasizes decentralized autonomy, meritocracy, and a sense of partnership.

What makes our Team effective

The most important factor is psychological safety, which means that team members feel safe taking interpersonal risks. In other words, members of effective teams feel comfortable asking a question or bringing up a new idea without worrying about being judged, and they feel confident they won’t be embarrassed or punished for making mistakes.

Effort in building better remote teams – In our current environment with a significant chunk of the workforce working remotely and communicating digitally, psychological safety and leadership trust are more important than ever.

In conclusion, High motivation and responsibility together with high psychological safety helps all our  TeledataOne teams work in the best possible psychological zone, the Learning Zone where everyone in Teledata is focusing.

Boards of Directors

Edoardo Mannozzi


Alex Mannozzi

Product Portfolio
International Sales & Marketing

Executive Management Board

Luca Sebastio

Head of Integration & Technical Support
R&D Implementation Coordinator

Roberta Pennati

Operation Manager

TeledataOne Core Ideology & Working Values

In TeledataOne we focus to identify people who will fit best with the culture and values of our company. Having a clear set of values helps us remind us what we stand for. Our company values help us achieve the Teledata One vision and goals.

Core Ideology

  • Be ethical
  • Build trust
  • Accept responsibility
  • Present a good image
  • Farmer work ethic
  • See things through
  • Stay focused
  • Be positive
  • Be empathetic
  • Work together
  • Communicate
  • Meet your commitments

Mission statement

TeledataOne mission is to supply innovative design and higher quality Fire Safety systems that confirm the prestigious made in Milano focus in compliance with the laws and the environment.

Our goal is to meet all our partners’ requirements around the globe, become a ONE single stop for all the Fire Detection solutions and product range needs; triplicate the sales revenues of all our Made in Milano Fire Safety products within the next 10 years

Protecting life for a safer and healthier future for everyone

Why Our Mission is important

Because TeledataOne people and teams focus on building their autonomy , mastery and their future career around TeledataOne Mission, Ideology and core values.

Our AAA People Philosophy


If you do not have the aspiration to chance. Stay where you are


Ambition to excel where you end up working


Strong sense of interaction with other people around you
Be part of Teledata means you will remain a triple AAA person working in a Cozy, diverse and competitive environment with various educational background. We are especially looking for people with these two abilities:

1— Ability to train and motivate other people

2— Ability to relate and manage stress

This really helps sustain our growth in compliance with our company mission and with the laws and the environment.

Work with Us

Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.


“Teledata is an Idea!”

- Alberto Mannozzi